Friday, May 2, 2008

The 1991 Tercel

This is the 1991 Toyota Tercel DX 2dr that I am soon going to start tuning up and make into a good all around quick little car! This thing only weighs 914 kg it has 83 WHP at 5200 RPM and 89 lb-ft of torque at 4400 RPM. I am hoping to be able to get around 130+ WHP mabe a little more or less , To start I am going to stick on a short ram air intake and a few little tweaks mabe a chip and a month or two after the little things a small turbo with 8-10 PSI of boost!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Back !

Yes ! finally the racing season is back and 240's and all the Hondas and other tuners are coming out but no sign of any real drifters hitting up the streets over in Regina ! There are also some 80's and 90's Japanese cars for sale here in Regina if you are looking for older hondas or Toyotas. No ae86s for sale though only a 1986 Mr2 and some 81-84 Toyota celica gt's and supras. Lots of preludes and Integras trying to look fast out racing around but they got no go !
Some body bring out a real car !

GT4 Drifting Pics


For about $1,200 you can get a 15,000-30,000 km engine which would have about 170hp and if you by a TRD ECU you can get it tuned up to 240hp@11,000 rpm's.

Where do you Drift ?

tokyo night

tokyo night

whats your favorite drift car ?

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